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About PositiveTones.com

After more than 2 years as a dream, PositiveTones.com was finally born in 2004. PositiveTones was created as a source of personal encouragement as well as an inspiration to others to persevere through trying times.

PositiveTones.com will be updated with positive ecards, wallpapers, quotes and reflections regularly to encourage and inspire You. I hope you'll bookmark this website and return often to be encouraged.

PositiveTones understands that many problems families face today stem from the stress and strain of trying to make ends meet so you will notice many links to home-based money making opportunities. PositiveTones believes in connecting people to income-generating activities that can supplement your family's needs.

About Me...

Here I am with Sam & Sara

Andrew Shim

I live in Klang, Malaysia with my wife, Melissa and my kids, Samuel, 6, and Sara, 4. A programmer by training, I am now a Web Designer. I have to say that I am blessed with an off-tangent sense of humor. I tend to "read between the lines" (the plain truth seems so boring sometimes don't you think?).

Like I said at the beginning of this page, PositiveTones.com was created as a personal source of encouragement. At the same time, I realize many of you may be facing tough times even as you read this so if you are touched in any way by this website, then I have achieved my goal.

Happy Browsing...

Andrew Shim

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